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SMAQ® is the Smart Water Metering system by which the integrated water systems managers reach very important goals quickly and economically nowadays, such as the automated remote metering of consumption data, their transfer always in an automated way to their own CRM-Billing system, the automated retreival of data useful for monitoring the water network and the supply points with the aim of identifying anomalous situations indicative, for example, of water leaks and/or tampering.

water smart metering

The innovative choice to use the new cellular network dedicated to the internet of things, known as NB-IoT ™, offers to the manager of the integrated water system the additional advantages of relying on a standard network with national coverage, managed by mobile operators and overcoming an expensive and a long series of limitations imposed by the various proprietary solutions used so far to collect the data of interest (walk-by, drive-by, private radio networks, ...).

Some of the most advantageous goals that SMAQ allows to reach quickly and easily are

  • based on standard wireless communication technologies to ensure longevity to the project but, above all, to prevent the manager from investing in private communication infrastructures that also require maintenance as well as present obvious territorial limitations.
  • complete automation of the process of reading the consumption of the single point of supply, completely eliminating the use of practices to collect the relevant data with the intervention of personnel on the spot (walk-by, drive-by, ...);
  • automated identication of consumption anomalies as possible symptoms of tampering or leakage; in these cases the SMAQ® allows to activate a multi-level warning procedure to alert, for example, the technical personnel of the manager and the enduser;
  • ​it can be installed on existing meters already preset for remote metering or static meters
  • automated integration via webservices, between the SMAQ® central acquisition software (SAC) and other systems such as the CRM-Billing of the manager, to guarantee the sharing of data on users, readings and monitoring .
The SMAQ-RL radiologger is based on technology owned by  ARETI SpA granted by non-exclusive license.
SMAQ the solution to smartenize the water meters
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