M3C concentrators

The APKAPPA M3C concentrators enable the exchange of information between devices distributed over the territory and a processing center, exploiting different types of networks such as public wireless, powerline communication (PLC) and short-range networks.

Concentrators details

They are widely used in smart metering systems to allow, in an automated way, the recovery and storage of information produced by energy, gas, water meters as well as their transfer to a processing center, through the available network and, at the same time, to send commands imposed by the control center to the counters. In fact, the M3C concentrators are able to communicate

  • on conveyed waves (PowerLineCommunication, PLC), typically when they need to dialogue with the devices distributed over the territory
  • on wireless networks with TCP / IP protocol (GSM, GPRS, PSTN, …), usually when they must communicate with the back-office systems of the control centers.

M3C meters are based on ST processors of the SPEAr © line; APKAPPA, with its brand a.p.systems, has established a technical collaboration on their SPEAr © product to be able to integrate it in its latest generation data communication concentrators. For this, ST has granted the APKAPPA R & D team to become part of the development center on its SPEAr © wireless CPU project.

As regards to the firmware, M3C counters use the Linux operating system and can be updated with local or remote interventions.

M2M communication devices

M2M communication

In the branch of energy, water and gas distribution a.p.systems proposes the communication devices of the APYLink family, which can connect meters with a control center via public and satellite wireless networks. APYLink devices collect information on the operating status of the counter / control point, sends it to the control center and is able to transfer instructions received from the control center to the counter / pdc.

The DM530 product series is the latest evolution of the APYlink family of communication devices that takes advantage of the previous ST310 and AT420 already very well known on the market for their reliability and for being designed for complex applications. To date, hundreds of thousands of these modems with a perfectly working connection.


The advantageous technology of these products is mainly summarized in:

  • Quad band communication
  • more functions, thanks to the ARM9 processor: the complete firmware application is incorporated into the engine
  • Selective Download Over The Air (DOTA). This means that it is not always necessary to download all the firmware: only its modified part can be replaced
  • Filter and security for data calls
  • Built-in TCP / IP
  • SMNP maintenance protocol and integrated telnet
  • greater reliability and temperature range
  • ready INSIM (optional)
  • full technical compatibility with communication modules of the previous series. This means that you can replace the “At420” model with the new DM530 without modifying anything of your system.
  • complete with removable omnidirectional antenna, cables and installation accessories
  • operating temperature range: -35 ° C to + 75 ° C (relative humidity <90%)
  • casing certified in protection class IP54
  • casing with self-extinguishing material UL94 certified

Certified quality:

  • 10 years of expected life
  • failure rate better than 0.35% per year
  • MTBF> 450,000 h (@ 20 ° C)
  • FIT <2000 (@ 20 ° C)
  • complete with Remote Device Management Services (RDMS) for maintenance actions


In addition, the DM530 takes advantage of the experience gained by a.p.systems in the design and construction of similar equipment for the largest Italian energy distributors, where the reliability and the cost-effectiveness of its solution is today the most appreciated.