M3C concentrators

The APKAPPA M3C concentrators enable the exchange of information between devices distributed over the territory and a processing center, exploiting different types of networks such as public wireless, powerline communication (PLC) and short-range networks.

Concentrators details

They are widely used in smart metering systems to allow, in an automated way, the recovery and storage of information produced by energy, gas, water meters as well as their transfer to a processing center, through the available network and, at the same time, to send commands imposed by the control center to the counters. In fact, the M3C concentrators are able to communicate

  • on conveyed waves (PowerLineCommunication, PLC), typically when they need to dialogue with the devices distributed over the territory
  • on wireless networks with TCP / IP protocol (GSM, GPRS, PSTN, …), usually when they must communicate with the back-office systems of the control centers.

M3C meters are based on ST processors of the SPEAr © line; APKAPPA, with its brand a.p.systems, has established a technical collaboration on their SPEAr © product to be able to integrate it in its latest generation data communication concentrators. For this, ST has granted the APKAPPA R & D team to become part of the development center on its SPEAr © wireless CPU project.

As regards to the firmware, M3C counters use the Linux operating system and can be updated with local or remote interventions.

The 4G router to communicate data on broadband network in smart metering systems and smart city

APR410 is a device designed to allow wireless data communication over the broadband network and to be installed in secondary substations of the electricity distribution network.

The 4G APR410 router is the ideal device for remote management, remote control and smart city systems because it performs the tasks of collecting and transmitting data detected by sensors spread over the territory with maximum efficiency and the use of open and standard technologies.

It has been designed to ensure minimum bulk and maximum compactness so that it can be easily adapted to environments that are less hospitable both in terms of space and environmental condition.


It is a powerful, programmable and high-performance industrial device that allows 4G wireless connectivity with fallback on 2G and 3G networks and the application of multiple strategies to ensure the "Always On" status, including routing / switching.

It offers a high level of immunity from electromagnetic disturbances and, in general, applies safety strategies anywhere: from the use of signed "packages" to allow software remote updating up to local management and maintenance via Ethernet port with protected access and remote maintenance through protected SSH sessions with authentication and encryption.

It also offers the possibility of connecting other devices thanks to its Fast Ethernet interfaces.

It is simple to install, boasts mechanical strength and a compact design with reduced dimensions; it does not include moving parts (eg cooling fans), it guarantees high reliability also in terms of duration and resistance in harsh operating environments and at low consumption.

This is the ideal router for the  smart city!

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Simple and fast solutions

Simple and fast solutions

The manager does not have to undertake investments and activities to set up data communication infrastructures or to upgrade his data centre. 
The effort is limited to reaching all the points of supply of the water resource he wishes to smartenize and install the SMAQ device (be it the radiologger or the integrated static meter).
APKAPPA is organised accordingly with a team of specialised technicians and an organisation and support service to maximise the yield of each appointment.

Low and safe investments

SMAQ allows technical barriers to be overcome, "vendor lock-in" risk to be eliminated and investments to be significantly reduced because it uses standard technologies.

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