Smart CIty


Smart CIty


  • saves people time on tasks, duties, commitments to the community or for themselves
  • makes the territory an active provider of information to allow those who “manage” the territory to intervene before being called on to do so
  • provides services on data provided by the territory

In order to generate this data flow, a communication infrastructure is required: thanks to Luminibus it is not necessary to invest in this infrastructure because the public lighting system is used as a grid to communicate information for the smart city.

It is able to receive and send data with each lamp and each electrical panel; sprinkling the territory of intelligent sensors, they can use Luminibus to transmit data to a central system and, as a response, the central system provides the service to citizens. Smart sensors are small, simple and inexpensive devices that are installed on the territory in strategic locations where a service must be delivered or a monitoring data must be obtained. They provide simple data (the so-called molecular data) relating to physical measures; the central system aggregates them to produce meaningful information (eg the fact that ice is freezing the road surface or that a manhole is about to flood).

Thanks to the enormous growth of the production of smartphones, these sensors are becoming more and more numerous, of high quality and reliability but at the same time much cheaper. Thanks to the ability in combining the “molecular” information that they produce, it is possible to provide machine-machine-type services related to trash collection, road salting, traffic monitoring, flood prevention, parking payment, control of electric charging stations for cars and bicycles, bicycle rental stations, access to Wi-Fi spots, telemeasures, video surveillance, digital signage, defibrillator fixing stations (DAEs), SOS alarms and many others.

An infinite combination of intelligent sensors can be connected to the Luminibus smart grid to deliver services to people where they need it.