APSer.pagoPA is the technology platform of APKAPPA thanks to which the Authority enables electronic payments in its favor via the national SPC payment center, known as PagoPA.

APSer.PagoPA has been enabled by AgiD; in fact APKAPPA, with its own brand a.p.systems, appears in the AgID public list of intermediaries and technology partners active on pagoPA.


APSer.pagoPa is accessible in cloud computing mode and puts the institution in thecondition of interacting, through its own information system, with the pagoPA system.

When the Authority is at the same time the user of APKAPPA application platforms, the hyperSIC or SICI webapp, it also benefits from the automated integration of the latter with APSer.pagoPA, thanks to which the advantage of immediate and automated reconciliation of payments is amplified.

In general, the bodies that activate electronic payments with APSer.PagoPA obtain the following advantages:

  • immediate and automated reconciliation
  • elimination of the problem of “double” or incorrect payments
  • economic savings,they no longer need to sign contracts with individual PSPs to allow payers to use their channels
  • enhancing the service to citizens and businesses, allowing them to make the payment in the form they prefer.


APSer.pagoPA provides:

  • IUV generator
  • web page to pay
  • translator from / to pagoPA
  • connection to the SPC center for pagoPA
  • flow acquisition for pagoPA
  • recovery of reporting flows from pagoPA
  • payment archiving
  • logging of PT segment operations