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The Cloud Computing service via APKser.Cloud

With APKSer.Cloud APKAPPA meets the needs of customers who prefer to use application software in cloud computing mode.


Customers that use application software via APkser.Cloud, notably reduce the costs and activities related to the maintenance and security of their data center, reaching two simultaneous and extremely important targets: reinvesting savings and resources on new projects and, at the same time, ensure always the highest level of performance and security to its IT assets. APKser.Cloud always ensures its customers to host their systems in a data-center that is always up to date both at the infrastructural and system level.

In fact, the entire data center that constitutes the cloud environment APSer.Cloud, of complete ownership of APKAPPA, is certified ISO27001 and meets the requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery as set out in standard regulations and in the guidelines and directive issued by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID).

The following SaaS services are currently provided by APKSer.Cloud:

  • SMAQ-SAC, the central acquisition software of the smart water metering system
  • SCS, the remote management software of streetlighting plants and smart city systems
  • hyperSIC Cloud, the information system for Public Sector.