Smart city: designing digital services to simplify the relationship with the citizen


The digitisation of public services hits the target when it focuses on the needs of the citizen who
  • has to comply but would do so much more willingly if he could do so without time or place limits (e.g. via the web)
  • would like to know his or her positions with the various authorities, perhaps using handy tools such as a smartphone (e.g. with an APP)
  • would like to be notified promptly if something is wrong with his or her utilities (e.g. with a dedicated portal or an APP)
  • would like to be notified of deadlines, make electronic payments and obtain documents directly on his or her smartphone (e.g. with APP-IO)
  • would like to have to pay the actual due and not the presumed due in the case of water consumption without having to remember to send his meter reading at specific times
  • would much prefer to walk in illuminated streets, even with more intensity when passing by car or on foot
... and much more according to one's commitments, needs and lifestyle
Even the smallest municipality becomes a smart city when it manages to organise its services to meet such needs in the simplest, fastest and most modern way.

We are all citizens and we would all be delighted to simplify our lives, at least in part.

With APKAPPA's Smart Technologies, all this is possible!