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IOTeqa is the software platform to manage the Smart City BIG DATA

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over 30 years of expertise on smart technologies

For over 30 years we have been designing and releasing ICT systems to digitize the services of the Public Sector, smart metering smart lighting and smart city solutions dedicated to digitizing the services provided by Public Bodies and Utility Public Companies in Italy and abroad.

We provide our customers with up-to-date solutions for technology and reference trends to enable them to achieve digitization and user satisfaction goals, optimizing time and costs for their implementation.

To best meet the multiple needs of our customers, we have applied a policy of capillaryisation of our structure, both commercial and technical, to be present with equal effectiveness in every situation and to guarantee a fast and highly professional service. We can say that our technical assistance service is among the most qualified on the market.

Our Smart Technologies

Over 50% of the Italian population indirectly benefits from our smart technologies when it turns to one of the approximately 2000 Italian municipalities that use our application suites to carry out their administrative action and when they benefit streetlighting services, supplying electricity and the integrated water service.

Water Smart Metering

SMAQ is the smart water metering system via NB-IoT™ that allows you to quickly and economically achieve objectives that are very important for Integrated Water Service operators such as automated remote reading of consumption data, loss monitoring, measure campaigns and much more. SMAQ is applicable to meters of any size, brand and model, freeing the manager from vendor lock-in.

Smart Lighting

Luminibus is an integrated and scalable platform for smart lighting, smart grid and smart cities applications fully designed by APKAPPA.
Energy efficiency, punctual diagnostics, configuration of lighting profiles and preventive maintenance are performed by Luminibus thanks to its extremely intuitive and flexible architecture, suitable for any need: from discharge lamps to LEDs, from remote management to the most complex smart city projects.

Qualified Cloud Service Provider

APKSer.Cloud is our cloud service center qualified by AgID (i.e. Agency for Digital Italy) pursuant to the its circular dated 9 April 2018 n. 2; from here APKAPPA provides the connection service to the electronic payment system pagoPA, as a technological partner registered in the public list held by AgID, and the digital archiving service of electronic documents for which it is a keeper accredited by the AgID itself.

Qualified SaaS for Public Sector

The hyperSIC software platform, entirely designed and developed with web-based technology, is dedicated to the Local Public Administration; its use can take place in traditional (i.e. installed in the customer's data center) or in SaaS mode from the APKSer.Cloud center of services. In the latter mode it is named hyperSIC Cloud and it was qualified by AgID (i.e. Agency for Digital Italy) as suitable for the Cloud of Public Sector pursuant to its circular no. 9 April 2018

Smart City solutions

With our technologies it is possible to organize the smart city services in a single web-based platform so that they are managed in an integrated way also with the software application environments in use by the operators of the Public Sector and Utility Public Companies.

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