Our offer

From the merger of two centers of excellence, A.P.Systems and Studio K, derives our ability to offer stable and high-level technological and service standards to all our Customers, as well as a long experience in digitization processes and Smart City solutions.

Our research and development team has a long experience in designing and releasing ICT systems, both in Italy and abroad, aimed at realizing the process of digitizing the Italian Public Sector, the energy efficiency and management of public lighting systems, the transformation into smart city and machine-to-machine data communication in electricity, water and gas distribution networks.

In particular, to the Italian public sector we offer our management solutions, including webapp, digital archiving services according to the Italian standard regulations as an archiver accredited by AgiD(Agency for the digital Italy, of the Precidency of the  Council of Ministers). But also enabling services and access to the pagoPA® system as an already active technology partner, cloud computing services through our ISO27001 certified data center and all related technical, training and consulting services.

Our experience

For over 30 years we have been designing and releasing smart metering, smart lighting and smart city systems in Italy and abroad.

To best meet the multiple needs of our customers, we have applied a policy of capillarization of our structure, both commercial and technical, to be effective in every situation and to ensure a fast and highly professional service. We can state that our technical assistance service is among the most qualified on the market.

R&D team specialists
experts for support and advice
experts for training and assistance activities
experts in the commercial service

The principles of our professionalism


All of us, regardless of the role and task we have, we respect a company code of ethics aimed at achieving the highest standards of transparency and integrity in internal and external relations. In this regard, we have also formally adhered to the Charter of General Ethical Principles, published by the Business Integrity Forum – Transparency International Italy.


Our business stands out for punctuality and precision not only in the design and release phases but also in those of after-sales services.


Our actions are always focused on achieving the highest level of efficiency in terms of cost-benefit for our customers. All our activity is tracked and monitored in order to intercept in the shortest possible time any anomalies and correct them immediately to preserve the result.


For many years, we have been operating in line with our Integrated Quality-Safety-Environment Management System, certified according to ISO 9001ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 regulations.

In technology, we join the Microsoft Partner Network as a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and we are a member of the Meters & More Association with the status of technological partner.

Our smart technologies

Over 50% of the Italian population indirectly benefits from our smart technologies,

when they address, directly or on the Web, to one of the approximately 2,000 Italian Municipalities that use our application suites to carry out their activity,

when they use electricity, gas and water supply services from distributors that use our devices to measure accurately the use and consumption of these resources,

or when they are on urban areas lit up by our efficient technologies which aim at maximizing services.

Digitization of the Public Sector

With our IT solutions, including webapp, we contribute enormously to the digital transition process necessary for the Italian Public Sector.

Archiving of digital documents

We carry out the digital archiving service of IT documents with the status of accredited by AgiD pursuant to art. 44-bis Legislative Decree 82 and subsequent amendments thereto.

Technological partner for the PagoPA system

Our service center has been enabled by AgID to allow Customers to access the pagoPA system through our structure and to get the benefit of a total cooperation via applications with their own backoffice.

Certified data center

Our service center is available in our data center, ISO27001 certified, through which we provide numerous services on platforms such as cloud computing.

Smart metering

We design and manufacture devices to make and manage data communication with meters for measuring energy, gas and water consumption.

Smart lighting

Thanks to our point-to-point remote control system of public lighting systems, Luminibus, street lamps are kept under constant control, what allows the achievement of goals on energy and environmental consumption savings.

Smart City Platform

Through our software platform, all the smart city services are managed in an integrated way with the back office.

Internet of Things e smart lighting

We integrate the IoT sensors into the smart lighting system to enhance both its quality and the quality of services to the territory and to the citizens.

Our service center

Through our infrastructures, we offer our Customers the opportunity to use their systems in cloud computing and integrate them with webapp solutions, even for the enabling platforms.

We support our Clients with services provided by qualified personnel both on a technical and thematic level; we are able to provide design services, project management, support, assistance and training.

Cloud computing

Through APSer.Cloud we host in our 27001 certified data center the management systems, data and documents of our Customers;

We take care to keep them up-to-date and functioning and to ensure the highest safety standards. To use the system, the customer only needs a device, even mobile, which allows surfing on the Internet.

Service center for PagoPA, Siope + and digital archiving of IT documents according to Italian Standard Regulations

Through APSer.PagoPA, APSer.Siope + and APSer. archive our Customers integrate their management systems with the PagoPA, Siope + platforms and with our digital archiving system according to the standard accredited by AgID.

Consultancy, training and technical and thematic assistance

Our Customers can turn to our technical and thematic specialists to get concrete answers to evolutionary and / or decisive needs in the transition to digital.

Case studies

We are very active in the release of projects that achieve objectives in terms of digitization of the Public Sector, efficiency improvement of public lighting systems and transformation of urban centers into Smart City. These are just some of the latest achievements.